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For years, pioneering Natural Nutrition Healers have known that a period of deep detoxification using living, organic plant based foods has the ability to reverse many of the diseases the population now suffers. Our work here at Diet For Living School is based on the teachings of Dr Ann Wigmore. It was her discoveries that healed her cancer as well as my own.

The body is remarkably efficient when it comes to self healing if we give it the proper tools to work with. Health and vitality are a reflection of the harmony and balance we create with Mother Nature, a way of living that gets us in touch with Divine Grace and brings us back to center.




For the last ten years our mission has been to redefine the concept of healing, while inspiring and motivating others. We are excited and proud to be in the forefront of these powerful times! We are the only program in the country that offers certification as a  Health Coach with hands on Vegan Raw Plant Based Food training to heal disease. With our Health Coach Certification you will confidently guide your clients toward diet change and make yourself a powerful component in their healing journey. Change the way people eat and you can change the world! Graduates of our program can apply for Board Certification as a 'Holistic Health Practitioner'. Our unique program is intensive and career focused. We have worked hard to keep our program affordable and have the best priced education in the country. Our goal is to help you create a business and life you love. Become a creative visionary, innovator, educator and leader in your community.

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Diet For Living School is Board Certified by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, meeting it's requirements as a Higher Educational Institute.



Cancer is the leading cause of death and suffering worldwide. Billions of dollars have been spent on finding the cure for cancer...yet still the numbers grow. In many cases these are not strangers, but our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, loved ones and ourselves.

The latest research has revealed that less than 10% of all cancers are caused by genetic mutations. All other cancers are linked to diet and lifestyle choices. The most groundbreaking discoveries are now pointing to Living Food compounds to prevent and reverse cancer. At Diet For Living School we teach you a powerful healing system that you can teach to others. Become a Detox Diet Specialist and maximize your impact as a healer! If you are passionate about living your purpose and helping others this training is for you.

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Diet For Living School: For 10 years we have been the 'go to' place to learn the vegan, gluten-free Raw Foods Lifestyle. If you are new to our community here's where to begin.

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Our educational blog offers articles on career building, helping you create the life you need and want. We share our favorite foods and recipes that help you lose weight, stay healthy and reconnect to your inner self.

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We are the creators and hosts of our 670 member ABQ Raw Vegan MeetUp group. We come together to share the best food on the planet, make friends, build community and give each other support.


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We love Diet For Living School! We feel honored and grateful to be able to help others create meaningful careers while transforming themselves, using the Vegan Raw nutrient dense foods that allow healing to take place.


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