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Posted by Diet for Living Center
Diet for Living Center
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on Friday, 05 October 2012
in Raw Basics

October is National Cancer awareness month. The advertisements say "You have the power to make an IMPACT." I believe in power and impact toward making change. Education is key. So in tribute to this important month, I would like to talk about Free Radicals and Antioxidants because they play such a major roll in the prevention of cancer.

If you reach back, maybe to high school chemistry, you may remember that electrons orbit atoms at the speed of light in pairs like Mallard Ducks. When a chemical reaction breaks the bond that holds the paired electrons together one of the electrons becomes a free radical. Single, alone, berserk beyond reason. Like a lost lover on a binge, it looks for a mate.

In desperation, the unstable free radical often pulls an electron off a neighboring molecule, causing that electron to also become a free radical. The new free radical then pulls an electron off the next molecule and a chemical chain reaction of radical production occurs.

Crazed chain reaction free radical mobs can destroy cells at lightning speed, crosslinking DNA, creating inflammation and tissue damage at the cellular level, i.e. cancer.

There is a certain amount of free radical activity that is a natural process in the body. It is part of the death and rebirth that exists in us at all times. Yet the free radical explosion is the world out of order. Motivators are mostly man made: pollutants in the air, chemicals, stabilizers, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, additives, just to name a few. Also heavy acid forming foods, like breads, pastries and meats.

Antioxidants, also know as phytochemicals, are molecules that defend the body from cellular damage by ending the free radical chain reaction. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating one of their own electrons, ending the electron "stealing" reaction. It's natures gift to us. I was so relieved when I learned this that I almost rolled on the floor with delight. Because, its easy to find antioxidants. They exist in the bright colors of fruits and vegetables. Fresh berries, apples and carrots are a massive power house of antioxidants. Fresh juicing is a great way to pump antioxidants in the body to cleanse and repair.

The cooking process kills 85% of the antioxidants in our foods. The loss is too great to fool with in our present modern world. Only antioxidant rich cleansing foods, fresh in there natural state, can combat free radicals.

Our Pre Holiday Perfect Raw Cleanse Workshop will be Saturday, November. 10, 2012. We teach you how to juice, blend and prepare the organic, antioxidant, alkaline foods that prevent free radical damage and cleanse repair and restore the body.

We would love if you would join us.

Blessings from dietforlivingcenter.com

education for positive change






One Omega Juicer

8 organic carrots

½ organic lemon

Scrub carrots. Feed through juicer. Collect perfect water from the vegetable. Slug down and fortify against the world.


Posted by Diet for Living Center
Diet for Living Center
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on Friday, 28 September 2012
in Raw Basics

I think what distinguishes the human species from all other creatures here on Earth is our ability to imagine a better life. To imagine a better tomorrow for ourselves and those we love as well as the world as a whole.

The present economy has forced many of us to consider our value system as we redefine our lives. It can inspire us to boldly propose what might otherwise have remained unheard or unthought. For some of us, we may at last allow ourselves to follow our dreams.

Whether we take big steps or baby steps the victory can feel the same. We move closer to our authentic selves. It can help us feel brave, honest, true.

That's how I felt when I became a Raw Food Chef and Holistic Health Coach. It helped me focus less on problems and more on solutions. It improved my own life while I helped others organize their lives. As I became educated and grew in confidence I was able to offer advice to people with cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, addictions. Their lives began to improve, and some, like me, healed from top to bottom from the power and life-force of the Raw Food diet and its ability to cleanse and heal at the cellular level.

Joe and I feel the best way to share with others the many wonderful things that so deepened and expanded our own lives was to start Diet For Living Center. Offer 'WorkShops' and 'Programs'. Make it possible for others to spread the word and get involved while creating a career. Alternative Healing Arts and Holistic Health Coaching are predicted to grow for the next twenty years as American's seek answers that work to their growing health problems from consuming the Standard American Diet.

Join the movement to shift the planet with healthy fresh Raw Organic food. Our next Raw Food Chef and Holistic Health Coach Program is November 2-4. It's a great investment in your future!

The Best To Your Health


'Education For Positive Change'


Posted by Diet for Living Center
Diet for Living Center
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on Thursday, 20 September 2012
in Raw Basics

I was cutting up glorious raw figs for my salad last week and I became so inspired by them that I began to believe that maybe I needed to travel to Greece! A fig adventure, and it would be a tax write off. I looked up 'Greece' on the web. This year, the fig crop is delayed a week or so. Maybe I could make it. I found a ferry to Turkey. Oh my god, how perfect! I could eat fresh figs in Turkey, in the market in Istanbul. The dream got deeper. I would maybe have to retire in Greece, and maybe friends would want to join me. It seemed so affordable.



That's how passionate you can get about life and eating raw figs this time of year. When you cut them open they look like passion flowers inside. You can't imagine anything more beautiful, more elegant, superb, closer to God. Soft, sweet, almost to the point of jam.

Its not certain exactly when the fig came to Greece, it was soooooo long ago. That's when mythology steps in. Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, is believed to have created the fig tree. Figs are an important part of the  basic diet of Greeks and, like the olive, are a symbol of Peace.

Fresh, mouth watering, plucked from one of the thousands of trees that grow throughout the Greek country side. How good can eating raw get?

Health wise, it gets even better. As one of the most alkaline foods on planet earth, it makes them a powerful remedy against gout and arthritis because of the fruits ability to dissolve uric acid salts in the blood. A member of the mulberry tree, figs are a great source of potassium and gentle fiber that nourishes and tones the intestines.

The best news is raw figs contain natural Vit. B17, also known as laetrile, thought to have a positive effect on all cancers and tumors. Fig fruit contains the phytochemical benzaldehyde, which Japanese scientists were able to identify as an active ingredient when extracting the organic juice. This was found to have cancer-fighting capabilities. Wow, I'm thinking, booking a trip to Greece for the figs is worth the price of the ticket alone. That's what eating raw figs can do to you. So if you dare to dream and indulge in great health join me in this falls raw fig harvest.

The best to your health.


'education for positive change'


Posted by Diet for Living Center
Diet for Living Center
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on Friday, 14 September 2012
in Raw Basics

I can't imagine a world without beets. One of the reasons is that raw beets are a unique source of phytonutrients called betalains. Studies have shown betalains provide a power house of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and detoxification support.

I know some of us are used to popping beets in the pot to boil, but I beg you to reconsider.

Unlike some other food pigments, betalains undergo very steady loss as the length of cooking time is increased. This is a serious loss we can not afford is we want to reap the true benefits of this super food root vegetable.

Recent laboratory studies on human tumor cells have shown tumors lessen when exposed to betalains. These tumors include colon, stomach, lung, breast, prostate, uterine and testicular. I have no intention of my tumor returning, so I am totally on board for a big dose of betalains.

This is our best time of year to jump on the betalains band wagon. Fall is harvest time for this colorful vegetable, and in many stores the price of organic beets has dropped. I could use another fridge, or maybe a root cellar to stock, as they store well.

To keep S&L, seasonal and local, you may want to check your local farmers market now as most local growers will be bringing them to town for sale.

At Diet For Living Center, we're excited during beet time. We love the deep pinks and reds as our juicer presses the powerful liquid out of our Omega Juicer. Naturally sweet, low in calories and high in nutrients, we add raw beets daily to our juicing regimen. Here's our simple fall favorite.






all raw all organic:

3 carrots peeled

½ large beet peeled

2 granny smith green apples

3 lettuce leaves

¼ fresh lemon with peel

Feed all of the above through the juice hopper. Pour into a glass and drink right away while fresh.

The best to your health!

Diet For Living Center



Posted by Diet for Living Center
Diet for Living Center
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on Friday, 07 September 2012
in Raw Basics

Probiotics, the friendly bacteria that keep our intestinal health in balance, are not made in the body. We must extract them from external sources, our food and drink. The problem is that modern food is mostly pasteurized, killing these beneficial work horses in great numbers. Captain James Cook, the famous eighteenth century explorer, was so aware of the serious need for live probiotics foods that he packed sixty barrels of kraut for twenty seven months at sea for his crew.

Probiotics are important components of our immune system. Seventy five percent of our immune system sits in the intestines. Probiotics work by sitting at receptor sites, blocking unhealthy invaders, protecting us from illness. When our probiotic bacteria level is low, they are not available to sit at these sites. The result is an abundance of pathogens that create conditions for disease. Poor gut health leads to headaches, migraines, anemia, bone health, chronic fatigue, cancer........the list goes on. We cannot remain healthy day after day, year after year, without them.

Raw fermented foods are literally alive with flavor, nutrition and necessary probiotics. In the Raw Food Diet we know live fermented foods are the best way to keep these little sumo wrestlers up and going strong. Pasteurized yogurt will not do the trick. Probiotic supplements not stored in the fridge contain no life force to get the job done. I blogged earlier on making small batches of sauerkraut on your countertop. So easy.

Here's a recipe for making super easy Rejuvelac, a fermented drink rich in healthy microorganisms and lactic acid. It's an inexpensive drink that you can sip daily as a tonic.


1. Using a quart Ball Jar, soak 3 tablespoons millet in fresh water for 8-10 hours

2. Drain and rinse seeds with fresh water three times a day for 2 days (I like to keep mine by the sink or I may never think of them again)

3. Rejuvelac is made using your sprouted grain and one quart of filtered water. Allow to sit on your countertop for 48 hours to mature. When ready, pour yourself 6 ounces and drink up. You may add a little fresh lemon for flavor and as a preservative to keep the Rejuvelac fresh longer. Store in fridge for up to three days.

Abundant health from us at Diet For Living Center!


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