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on Friday, 27 June 2014
in Raw Basics





Our graduate student Joelle Vadas has opened her own healing center 'RawFully-Healthy' in Melbourne, Australia.

She will be coaching and leading workshops teaching the benefits of Raw Living Foods and diet change to her part of the world. If you are in Melbourne, you are going to want to check her out. We are so proud of her.




Our 'new beginning' really started eight years ago. I may never have found my way to Raw Living Foods, except I was desperate to solve my own declining health. I had a tumor growing in my uterus with no signs of slowing down.
Detoxing with Raw Foods to restore order in the body and heal degenerative disease was not my original idea. A plan and protocol was first taught by the late, great healer, Dr. Ann Wigmore. She had healed her own cancer using Raw and fermented foods. Before her miracle, she had been a white pastry junkie. This was a woman I could relate to and trust. It was her belief that no matter how sick you are, you can restore your own health if you give your body the right tools to work with. That gave me the courage to try. I owe my healing success exclusively to her work.
My quest to get well led me to new lands I didn't know existed. It granted me grace and gifts I hadn't expected. I joined the plant-based movement to get myself back on track. It has transformed my health, as well as giving my life clearer purpose and passion.
Joseph, my husband, a nurse for twenty years, watched the new foods change and transform my health. He too would bravely confront the foods that were causing him harm. My household would wake up 100%.
Together we began by building a Raw Food Meet-up group in our community. The first year there were about ten to fifteen people. Today we have 360 members. People would come to us and say they wanted to go deeper with the diet, so we created Diet For Living Center and began classes teaching the 'Raw Food Basics'. We wanted to spread the word even further, make the circle bigger.
So we added 'Diet For Living School of Natural Nutrition', with global reach. The school is Board Certified by the American Association Of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), allowing us to be recognized as a Higher Educational Institute. As a graduate of our program, if you choose, you are eligible to receive international Board Certification from AADP. Their Holistic Health Practitioner Certification helps you instill trust while expanding your professional development. Your success is important to us.


According to the National Centers For Disease Control and Prevention "more than 133 million adults in America are living with at least one chronic disease, such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The cost of managing their care is estimated at an astounding $270 billion a year." These are not just numbers. These are our friends, family, loves ones, our communities and maybe even us. The National Center goes on to say "growing evidence demonstrates these diseases can largely be reduced or prevented through education and behavioral changes." It's easy to conclude that the greatest impact on the future of health today and tomorrow will be teaching people to eat lifesaving innovative foods.
These are exciting times to be a Holistic Health Educator. New York City doctors are writing prescriptions for fruits and vegetables for obese and over weight patients. Called the 'Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program', patients get prescribed 'Health Bucks', redeemable for produce at more than 140 New York Farmer's Markets. 'WOW'! The program has now expanded to seven other states on the Eastern Seaboard and continues to grow. How exciting is that!!! No gimmicks, pills or potions, no mysterious supplements. Just the food's nature provides.
If you're like us, you want to be part of the solution, part of this growing movement that is seeing the world in new ways.


Sign up for our 'Certified Holistic Health Coach/Raw Food Chef Program', Oct 10-13, 2014, has officially begun!!!! If you have been considering attending, now is the time to make a deposit to hold your spot. The class fills up quickly. We don't want you to miss out. Looking forward to seeing you in October.


If you have friends who you know would greatly benefit from attending our career training, please share our newsletter with them, or get them to sign up so that they can receive it bi-monthly straight to their inbox.
As always join the conversation on facebook. Thanks for reading and contributing to our global community.

The Best to Your Success!
Paula Diana/Lead Instructor
Diet For Living School of Natural Nutrition


Posted by Diet for Living Center
Diet for Living Center
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on Tuesday, 15 May 2012
in Raw Basics

A period of cleansing on fresh live foods and raw juices offers hope of a happier, healthier life. Detoxing the body and mind can heal neural pathways, helping us free ourselves of harmful habits, allowing us to set up new positive behaviors. This 'reset' of our inner compass lets us see the world and ourselves in new ways

It's the natural order of life that we cleanse and detox our bodies at this time of year. With the warmer weather, we crave to feel lighter and healthier.

A simple daily salad, delicious and refreshing, is a great place to start. Sweet baby lettuce leaves are my favorite, tossed with a blended raw salad dressing. The key secret to making a beautiful, yummy salad is to start with the best greens you can find. Greens should look firm and perky. Avoid leaves that are yellow or brown. Tear greens gently with your hands. This prevent the leaves from bruising.





Often where people go wrong is adding too much dressing. You want your salad dressing to marry with the greens. Enhance, not drown them.

 If you are growing a variety of lettuce in flats and boxes, use only the small tender leaves in your salad. Save the larger outer leaves to add to carrot, apple and lemon for your morning fresh juice. This way no part of the plant will be wasted. The leaves of lettuce are a store house of anti-cancer, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. Raw lettuce provides daily Vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, iron, magnesium and potassium.









For more information, and to learn skills to promote healing from a period of Cleansing with Raw Foods, sign up for our next 'Perfect Raw Cleanse' workshop.











RAW 2012!

Posted by Diet for Living Center
Diet for Living Center
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on Friday, 13 January 2012
in Raw Basics

A period of cleansing on Raw Foods and fresh juices offers hope of a healthier, happier New Year! Detoxing the body and mind can heal neural pathways, helping us free ourselves of harmful habits and allowing us to set up new behaviors. This 're-set' of our inner compass allows us to see the world and ourselves in new ways. As Gandhi said "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you will live forever". I love that. Learning about eating Raw Foods has been an on going learning experience that has added passion to my life and renewed my soul.

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