• What Are Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods?

    Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods are simply fresh fruits, vegetables, baby greens, seeds, nuts, and sea vegetables. Found in Nature, unprocessed and unchanged, they are prepared in easy to digest tasty combinations. They provide the body with all the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and calories, as well as amino acids for building and repairing. A well rounded Raw and Vegan Plant Based Diet will satisfy hunger as well as provide the body with the needed nutrients to maintain perfect health.

  • Why Do We Need Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods?

    High temperature alters the chemical structure of vital nutrients. It is widely held that heating foods above 115 degrees destroys 50% of the protein, 80% of the vitamins and minerals, 95% of the phytonutrients and 100% of all beneficial enzymes. Foods in their untampered state are custom made by Nature with the exact specifications that make a healthy life possible.

  • Why Now?

    People are tired of expensive products and gimmicks that don't work. There is no need to suffer any longer. Returning to Nature's plan for us offers a profound transformation toward complete wellness. A diet of Raw Foods provides the elements for complete cleansing, rebuilding, restoring, and renewal of one's health.

  • Who Eats Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods?

    Google reports millions of hits on the keywords 'Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods diet'. Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods detox centers are opening around the country to meet the demand. You will find fans of the Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods diet range from busy working families to celebrities, models, and business people. As testimonials grow, it is impossible to ignore the relationship between raw plant based foods, cleansing, and the potential for optimum health.

  • What is 'ABQRAW Vegan' MeetUp?

    No matter your food choices, if you are Raw Curious join us for our fun and yummy potlucks at Diet For Living Center. You are welcome to become a member of our Yahoo ABQRAW MeetUp group. Our purpose is to make friends, offer support and build community while sharing the healthiest food on the planet.

  • What Is The Refund and Cancellation Policy?

    We have kept tuition low compared to other certified programs, so that you can get the most out of your investment. Spaces at Diet For Living School events and workshops fill up quickly. As a result, all sales are final and there are no refunds. You do have one full year (12 months from the date of signing up) and can make one change to complete your chosen class. If you find yourself unable to attend within the 12 month period from initial signup, your class is 100% transferable to one of your friends or family members. They must complete the class within the 12 month period from your initial signup. Or you may donate your place to our scholarship fund to help out another individual take the class.

  • Do We Offer Scholarships?

    Our team is dedicated to finding a plan that works for you. To support your personal development you may qualify for a partial scholarship. Please contact us for more information.

    You may be eligible for a ACCION microloan. ACCION is a nonprofit organization providing the tools to finance education as well  grow or start your business. Contact them at 800.508.7624 .

    Diet For Living School accepts PayPal and all credit cards. Click this link to sign up today!

Certified Holistic Health Coach Program

  • How Can I Build A Better World?

    As a Certified Holistic Health Coach you will be able to redefine making a living. To thrive in today's economy, we need to build locally rooted businesses that can meet the needs of our towns and cities. Solving the populations health problems after years of eating harmful, unhealthy foods will take more then a quick fix. With our emphasis on Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods you will be able to offer them sustainable, long term solutions that empower people to be passionate about the future of their lives.

  • How Can I Combine Passion With Profit?

    For many Americans their diet is at a crossroads. They know they can no longer afford to sacrifice their health and wellness to foods that can make them ill. It is time to change course. With our emphasis on Raw and Vegan Plant Based Foods education, you will be well positioned to make an immense, direct impact by offering alternative, innovative solutions to the growing need for diet change.

    Customer connection is one of the most satisfying aspects of becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Our 'Business Class' is devoted to helping you as an entrepreneur to create and grow your wealth while bringing your passion for healing to your clients.

Health Coach Program

  • What Is A Holistic Health Coach?

    In the world of health and wellness, the Holistic Health Coach is an emerging new role. Holistic Health Coaching is recognized as a new way to help individuals manage their illness and condition, especially those of a chronic nature.

    As more Americans seek answers to their mounting health problems, demand in this new market is growing. The years ahead promise a higher than average returns in this exciting and lucrative field. For many people, having structured support can make the difference between making needed changes or slipping back into unhealthy habits. Objective, professional support is key for your client's success. We will give you the solid training to fill that role.

  • What Makes Our 'Certified Holistic Health Coach' Training Different?

    We are the only Certified Program that gives you results oriented skills in Coaching with an emphasis on the Raw and Vegan Plant Based Diet. As well as  learn how to coach, you will graduate with practical skills as a Plant Based Chef/Educator. We believe that giving you a concrete plan of expertise to pass on to your client will position you for maximum success. This will allow you to stand out from the pack as an authority that can guide your client toward the shift in health they are looking for.

  • Who Will Be Your Clients?

    According to Bureau of Labor statistics, jobs in the Health Education field are expected to grow 18 percent by the year 2018. America has a serious health epidemic that needs sincere help. One in three women and one in two men are diagnosed with cancer yearly. Diabetes is the leading cause of death in the U.S. 90% of diseases once believed incurableare now being attributed to diet and lifestyle choices. In our program you will learn to provide diet and lifestyle intervention for those clients wishing to address obesity, weightloss and life threatening diseases. For many people, having structured support can make all the difference in making needed change. We will teach you to become that support system.

  • How Will 'Board Certification' Help You?

    Diet For Living School is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, meeting it's requirements as a Higher Educational Institute. As a graduate of our program, if you choose, you are eligible to receive international Board Certification from AADP. Their Holisitic Health Practitioner Certification helps you instill trust while expanding your professional development.

  • How Will Our Business Class Help You Succeed?

    We believe in the power of multiple streams of income. We beleive the best way to build a sustainable career, one that will compete in the modern market place, is to offer your clients more reasons to return to you. During class we cover how to become sales affilates for Vita-Mix Blenders, Omega Juicers and Excalibur Dehydrators.

  • I'm Coming From Out Of Town. Where Can I Stay?

    Albuquerque, New Mexico is a great place to vacation while attending the Diet For Living School! We are close to the airport and many comfortable motels. All are within easy walking distance to the School.

    Those nearby are:

  • Is Your Education Tax Deductible?

    In the USA all expenses for continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible (Treas. Reg 1-162-5), so keep your receipts. Contact your tax consultant for further information.

  • What Do I Need To Attend The Class?

    What to Bring:

    • Laptop (if you wish; we have WiFi)
    • Sunscreen
    • Water bottle
    • Sunhat


    Student Responsibilities:

    • Housing
    • Getting to and from the airport (hotels provide transportation)
    • Daily transportation to the School (we are within five blocks of the motels listed in "Where Can I Stay?)

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