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There is an evolutionary shift taking place in the world of healing. Nutritional Science has made many discoveries in the past five years. They now know that genetics or bad luck plays a very small role in why 1 out of 3 women will contract cancer in their lifetime. Researchers have concluded that 70-90% of all cancers are caused by diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. If you are new to fighting cancer with natural methods, you are going to want this book. I share results oriented Natural Healing strategies I used to fight my own cancer, and Win.

>If you have cancer....
>Some one you care about has cancer....
>You've had cancer and want to stay cancer free....
>You are an educator, coach or care giver.....

This alternative resource is packed with information to help you understand:

>The most important lifestyle changes that can save your life.
>Why plant compounds play such a vital role in reversing tumor growth.
>Why high doses of nutrient dense, antioxidant rich Living Foods allow the body to heal at the DNA level.
>The importance of nurturing the whole body back to Wellness.

I have included my powerful 'Diet For Living Cancer-Free Cleanse', the battle plan I used to stop my cancer, detoxify my body and regain control of my health.

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